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It is an honorable thing to want to serve your community. One such way that people serve their community is through getting involved with animal humane leagues. Many people may not realize the great number of ways you can serve your local animal humane league, many of which are listed below.


Just like so many other charitable organizations, the animal humane league in your community relies on generous contributions and donations by individuals like yourself to keep their mission moving forward. These shelters still have bills to pay in their daily operations and do not have a typical income that regular businesses see. Donations can help these day-to-day operations moving forward and provide funds for projects.

Share Them on Social Media

Most communities have a local animal humane league, but many individuals still don’t know of their existence. If you have been involved with or know of a shelter in your area, you can use your network to make it more well-known. The simplest way to do so is by sharing the shelter’s posts on your social media pages and posting about how you admire the work they do. This can reach more people than you realize and direct others to the shelter to either adopt an animal or donate their money.


Nonprofits are in need of volunteers, and the animal humane league is no stranger to this need. Most volunteers will have a strong desire to interact with the animals during their time there, but these shelters can use people with all sorts of talents. Your local animal humane league might be in need of someone with website design skills, an electrician, or even a schedule-maker. There are various ways to help out, even more so if you are willing to learn some new skills. Volunteering does not cost any money, but it will help immensely in keeping the shelter’s mission moving forward.

Adopt an Animal

The main goal of animal humane leagues is to give animals a loving home. One of the biggest ways you can support your local shelter is by adopting an animal. This will give the animal a caring owner and free up space at the shelter for more animals. Since many individuals sway towards adopting newborn animals rather than older ones, this leaves many abandoned animals in need of a home. You could change the future of one of these animals while also adding a new member to your family.