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Group classes are a great way to start your companion dog’s training, even if he or she isn’t an aggressive or anxious type. They can also help improve your relationship with the dog. Learning how to interact with other people and dogs in a public setting can help build a stronger bond between you and your pet. Discover reading to understand how you can fully benefit from your experience.

Ask Questions

Ask your teacher to explain anything that you don’t understand. Instructors do not expect students to be expert dog trainers or understand all the verbiage. Instead, they encourage pet owners to ask follow-up questions to help them understand what’s taught in class and get the most out of the lesson to help enhance their dog’s behavior at home.

Continue Training Outside of Class

One of the most common questions trainers are faced with is, “How long does it take to train my dog?” This is not the correct phrasing of the question. Training is about teaching a dog how to behave appropriately in a way that they will understand, and this shouldn’t be viewed through a short-term lens. Just as humans are constantly learning, it is important to view companion dogs in the same way. Even though they may have mastered their elementary commands, there are continual pieces of training you can introduce later in their lives.

Training is a universal concept that can be applied to any pet. Having your dog practice basic commands each day can help build their confidence and improve their behavior.

You will not get much out of the training classes if you don’t allow your companion dog to practice what they’ve learned. To ensure that your dog is getting the most out of the course, practice the skills that you’ve learned at home, in the car, at the park, or in public areas. Ask your trainer for additional guidance or inspiration.

Bring Rewards to Class

Group classes are full of interesting and distracting activities. Your dog would much rather be exploring and socializing instead of being taught to stay. To help them stay focused, reward your dog with something that they would never get at home. This will ultimately be used to reinforce their good behavior. This can help speed up the learning process and keep the dog’s attention focused on the task at hand.