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John Rosata

Animal Companionship

About John Rosata

If you ask John Rosata who the most important people are in his life, he will tell you without hesitation that it’s his family. This will be closely followed by a description of a 200-lb Great Dane. Animal companionship is a topic that is very near and dear to John’s heart, and his dedication to several charities is evidence of that. Since COVID, the number of animal rescues has increased because more people are seeking companionship, and John is an active participant in several organizations helping to match companions with their forever homes. John lives in Nashville, TN, where they value furry companions as much as he does. There is no shortage of rescue organizations to be had. Some examples include the Happy Paws Foundation, the Alliance Of Veterinarians For The Environment, Nashville Humane Association, the Southern Alliance Foundation For People & Animal Welfare, and Purr Factory, to name a few. 

One of the reasons John Rosata is so good at what he does in his free time is that it matches what he does for a living. He is one of the most successful recruiters in the nation to match companies with executives. Much like finding a perfect home for a companion, John Rosata and his team at Capital Strategy Advisory Group (CSTRAT) are specially trained for delivering top-level executives from mid to senior level in the highly specialized Commercial Real Estate Funding and Commercial Lending industries. John’s years of experience and expertise have given him a thorough grasp of these sectors, as well as the patience and understanding that each of his customers has their own set of skill needs. CSTRAT examines the human aspect of commercial lending and finance, rather than just looking at resumes. Their holistic approach when selecting a candidate helps identify individuals who will best serve a company’s culture as well as its economic line. This attention to detail is one of the reasons his firm has been so successful. Boasting a 96 percent success rate, CSTRAT is the industry leader, having recruited the most commercial mortgage and real estate finance specialists than any other company in the country within the past four years. 

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