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Companion animals are not necessarily the same as assistive animals, but their ability to help humans is still critical. Companion animals are not trained to help the blind, but they are one radically important form of psychological support.

During the pandemic, men and women of all ages have found comfort through their pets. Domestic animals foster empathy and connection, even in times of great stress. This has been a key resource for those who have felt alone due to health or environmental circumstances.


What Is A Companion Animal?

Throughout evolution, man has formed an emotional connection with animals. Regardless of where the animal is found or how the bond forms, this attachment has both physical and emotional benefits for both the animal and the human.

A companion animal is typically necessary for medical or emotional purposes. Legally, this means certain exceptions can be made. Landlords are not allowed to discriminate if a tenant has the need for a companion animal because these animals are more than just pets. They are part of a social support system.


The Relationship Between Animals and Humans

A companion animal and its person have a special connection. Because animals each have their own personality, a cat or dog must be able to bond with their human in a way that makes sense for them. Not all individuals are suited for the same type of animal.

An early bond between a human and animal is formed through trust. As the relationship continues, animals can rely on the human for physical support just as the human can rely on the animal for emotional needs. This relationship has benefits that go both ways. Animals can rely on food and shelter as well as their own emotional needs for closeness and care. Humans can rely on the loyalty and character of their dog or cat as well as certain physical improvements.


Health Benefits For All

A companion animal can lower stress levels, especially in elderly populations. Dogs in particular are known for their ability to help humans socialize. An increase in socialization combined with the reduction of anxiety can help fight loneliness and isolation.


Animals can provide a type of unconditional love that increases the quality of life for both men and women. By building new relationships, both people and animals are able to thrive.